LIVG: Cultivating A Lifestyle Of Worship (e-Book)

Life Is Very Good // Cultivating A Lifestyle Of Worship

Many people think the most important part of the church service is the preaching of the Word, but there is an area of greater importance: the worship. Why? It’s during the worship where you declare Christ’s power, glory and sovereignty. You declare how loving, forgiving and good He is. The preaching of the Word is for your benefit, but Christ already knows the Word. He IS the Word. So while the preaching is for you, the worship is all for Him. This is because no matter what you’re called to do, what you were created to do trumps all that. You were created to worship God; it’s all birthed from that place, and that’s what is most important to Him. There are many things worship accomplishes but you can only discover its significance when you cultivate a lifestyle of worship. To cultivate is to promote or improve the growth of something by labor and attention ( When you put attention to growing your intimacy through worship, you’ll find yourself drawing closer to the Lord in every area of your life. Whatever the season, your worship will lift your spirit and get you through. Let this devotional be a part of your daily worship and show you that throughout each day, life is very good. If God declared it to be very good, why should we think any other way? Rob and Juanita Sanchez have a dynamic and passionate ministry called by God to bring the Body of Christ around the world into their destiny through the prophetic ministry and teachings of Jesus Christ. Together they are committed to awakening the Kingdom of God inside every generation, and their focus is always to reach and release believers into their true potential within their local Body of Christ. They reside in Central California with their three daughters.

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LIVG: Cultivating A Lifestyle Of Worship (e-Book)
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